WoT – British Wheeled Mediums: Master Speed, Power, and Precision!

Six brand-new British medium tanks that have traded their treads for wheels are making their Tech Tree debut in World of Tanks with Update 1.22 in early September!

The new branch begins at the bottom of the British Tech Tree. Between the IVCruiser Mk. IV and the VCovenanter is the start of the new vehicle line, with the AEC Armoured Car starting at Tier V, and it extends to Tier X with the Concept No.5. It features the first non-Premium British wheeled vehicles in the game. Before we examine them in detail, let’s examine their unique features.

British Wheeled Vehicles: Support Strength

Although these new vehicles have wheels, they are a different beast than the French wheeled lights. The Brits excel at supporting the team, using their formidable firepower to protect flanks and other vulnerable spots.

For reference, the Tech Trees of the Polish lights ending with the CS-63 and the German mediums ending with the Leopard 1 are a close match for the new British wheeled medium tanks.


Run by three-person crews, all British wheeled mediums pack an accurate single-shot cannon that delivers high damage and penetration with a quick aiming time. Calibers range from 40 to 105 mm, depending on the vehicle’s tier. Their average DPM can distract foes at medium to long ranges, but full-time sniper tactics are occasionally thwarted by the vehicle’s bulky shape.

Armor and Dynamics

With hull armor thickness in the double-digits, these vehicles are hardly first line. While the turret provides a bit more padding, avoid direct trades. But if you can’t avoid them, then at least don’t show your sides to avoid being penetrated by HE shells.

The top speed of all the medium tanks is well above average at 60–65 km/h, with a reverse speed of 30–32 km/h, depending on the specific vehicle. Vehicles retain excellent mobility in either direction. Aiding the vehicle’s maneuverability is a wheeled suspension mechanic that allows it to turn in place, similar to their tracked counterparts. Where track damage is concerned, the wheeled Brits are not brought to a dead halt when a wheel is damaged—although their speed is reduced, and it’s temporarily saddled with an eyesore of a wobbly tire.

For these vehicles, damage to one wheel reduces both top forward and reverse speeds by approximately 60% each. Damage to each subsequent wheel reduces the speed by approximately one-third of its current value. Even with all wheels damaged, the vehicle is still mobile—although barely—at around 4.5 km/h going forward and 2 km/h in reverse.


With the combination of potent firepower, high speed, and light armor, these medium wheeled vehicles are best suited to supporting frontline allies and watching the flank.

Let’s check out the branch composition.

Tier V and VI: AEC Armoured Car and Staghound Mk. III

Tier 5 – AEC Armoured Car

Starting the line at Tier V is the AEC Armoured Car. The AEC Armoured Car, built on the 4×4 AEC Matador chassis, exemplified the era’s design spirit of simplicity, reliability, and versatility. It influenced the evolution of armored vehicles, leaving a lasting legacy in post-war designs. The vehicle first saw service in late 1942 in the North African campaign and was utilized until the end of World War II. The vehicle comes with a 40 mm cannon but can upgrade to a fast-firing 57 mm gun that can cause 1,928 DPM. Its 60 km/h top speed puts it far above average among mediums and lights. It works well as a reconnaissance scout—just be aware of its lightly armored hull and turret and rather large silhouette.

Tier 6 – Staghound Mk. III

Following in the treads of its predecessor is the Staghound Mk. III. Produced by the U.S. under Lend-Lease and modified by the U.K., the vehicle also saw action in the World War II North African campaign and later served in the 1948 Arab-Israeli clash and Vietnam, among other conflicts. The Staghound keeps many of the AEC’s attributes, namely its top forward and reverse speeds, but it brings more firepower with a second 75 mm cannon, slightly thicker armor, and a 360 m view range. Does the turret look familiar? It’s the same one that sits atop the VICrusader.

Tier VII–IX Vehicles: More Wheels and Bigger Guns

Starting at Tier VII, the line adds two wheels to each vehicle for a total of six. It also brings bigger guns and other improvements.

Tier 7 – FSV Scheme A

The FSV Scheme A is the first six-wheeler on the Tech Tree and the first machine that wasn’t actually produced. Developed in the 1960s, the project considered various variants to the base model, but it was ultimately scrapped. In World of Tanks, the FSV Scheme A is the lightest of the half dozen at nine tons, and although it has less horsepower than its predecessors, it hits a 60 km/h top speed. Two guns are available: a 75 mm and a 76 mm.

Tier 8 – FV601 Saladin

The Saladin (FV601) is the last vehicle in the line with a real-life manufactured counterpart. Developed as a replacement for the AEC Armoured Car, the Saladin rolled off the assembly line in 1958. Variants of the vehicle saw action worldwide in the Middle East, Oceania, Africa, and other regions. The Saladin’s good mobility, coupled with a 380 m view range, let it take up key battlefield positions to support teammates, with any one of its three cannons—75 mm, 76 mm, and 90 mm—to keep enemies occupied.

Tier 9 – GSOR 1006 Scheme 7

The GSOR 1006/7 is the penultimate wheeled vehicle in the line. In reality, the airborne vehicle never entered service, and one of its designs helped create Swingfire anti-tank guided missiles. In World of Tanks, its 535 hp engine can reach a 65 km/h top speed and is protected with 60 mm of frontal hull armor and 85 mm of frontal turret armor. The most noticeable improvement is the optional 105 mm cannon with 1,080/1,240/1,080 m/s velocity that causes 390/390/480 HP of damage with 248/315/53 mm of penetration—take an occasional break from support duty and play sniper!

Crowned Cruiser: Concept No.5

Tier 10 – Concept No.5
Lighter than most medium tanks in the game, the 24-ton Concept No.5 sits at the top of this Tech Tree. It brings more of everything—1,800 HP, 70/40/35 mm of hull armor, powered by a 580 hp engine—but it only carries one gun: a 110 mm boomstick that penetrates 260/318/55 mm and causes 430/430/515 HP of damage. All in, it can deliver 2,205 DPM, which is enough to send some heavies back to the Garage. Use the 65 km/h top speed and 400 m view range to scout enemy positions. Take advantage of 8 degrees of gun depression to peek over uneven terrain to spot and take potshots at unsuspecting enemies, putting its 1,230/1,420/1,120 m/s velocity shells to good use.

Even with the increased armor, the Concept No.5 is still a thin-shinned vehicle. As always, avoid head-on combat and instead join up with other mediums in support and reconnaissance. You can see for yourself when Update 1.22 is released!

Enjoy these British mediums with wheels, Commanders!

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