WoT: Changes To All Personal Reserves

Many of you might have missed the Personal Reserves changes from the Battle Pass article. So there is it in a separate post to remind everyone.


All Personal Reserves will have a duration of one hour.
Personal Reserves for Crew XP and Free XP will be merged into a single combined type. (This also applies to Season IX progression rewards.)
Along with the three types of Personal Reserves, there will be two grades of bonuses: Standard (+50% to XP / +50% to credits / +200% to Crew and Free XP) and Improved (+100% to XP / +100% to credits / +300% to Crew and Free XP).
Newly-issued Standard Personal Reserves, including those from Season IX Base Rewards, will have an expiration date (one month after Season IX ends), but Improved Personal Reserves will not.

Once the new mechanics are introduced, all Personal Reserves on your account will be converted into the new reserves at no loss of value. Personal Reserves that are collected as Season IX Base Rewards before the implementation of the new mechanics will not have expiration dates after being converted. Moreover, Personal Reserves that come as Improved Rewards will never have expiration dates.

You can expect a dedicated article on the new Personal Reserves mechanics in the coming days.

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