WoT Cheater, part Deux

[update] I posted this yesterday, but it was taken down by the mods. Apparently, this subreddit is reserved for WoT discussions only. Because finding and exposing a cheater in WoT is apparently not WoT content. I was told to review rule 12, which I cannot find. I did find that the link I included to the replay file on wotreplays.eu is forbidden, so here is the post again, without that link. Let’s hope this is sufficient in order to expose a cheater in WoT.

The following player was having an amazing session yesterday, and I happened to witness his methodology:


ChoasPizzaRolls [NHF]. https://www.tomato.gg/stats/NA/ChaosPizzaRolls=1037622843

The three ‘players’ on the only opposing team platoon drove into positions where the cheater could farm them, to the point where one tank was destroyed without ever getting spotted (T-34-85M). Another tank was destroyed after going dark (Easy 8), but that didn’t seem to matter. The third member of this rigged platoon was destroyed by a different player, but I’m guessing that this was pure coincidence.

It looks like all 18 shots that were hits for the cheater were fired at the opposing team’s rigged platoon.

Looking at results from other games today on tomato.gg, this cheater has been having an exceptionally amazing session, compared to his usual results. For example, a 4k WN8 compared to his normal 1k WN8. But this is across the board, all metrics are way up, esp. damage dealt. On the flipside the opposing team platoon members were having impossibly bad results: zero WR, zero DMG, zero kills, etc. I’m sure you’re already aware that even bots have better results than this.

Here are the links to the cheater’s platoon mates as well as the opposing team’s ‘players’ – note that they were all anonymized except the cheater himself (seriously, what a dumbass move):

His platoon:



Enemy platoon tanks:




Ticket submitted to WG, I’m curious to see whether or not the cheater and/or these other ‘players’ will have any games played over the next few weeks. Should I cross my fingers? lol I also dropped in on the clan Discord and let them know. Maybe they give crap – maybe they don’t. Feel free to let them know what you think: https://discord.com/invite/gpcrmwH

Maybe consider this a PSA for any of you who would happen to see this douchebag on your team in a platoon… or worse than that: playing against you, and there’s a suspiciously inept platoon on your team getting mysteriously shredded. And that’s why this kind of game rigging absolutely blows.

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