WoT CN: Trading Caravan Is Back!

On November 11th the rarest in-game items with amazing discounts will be available exclusively for CN server players.

Drops are varied: Personal Reserves, Crew Manuals, Rental Tanks, Silver, Gold, Standard and Improved Equipments, World of Tanks Premium Account Days, 2D and 3D Styles, Unique Premium Tanks.
2 new Premium Tanks will be included:
The CS-52 C has a unique mechanism for switching engine modes.

The WZ-111 model 6 heavy tank has excellent maneuverability and an excellent turret.


Like before it is possible to refresh the deals for an unlimited number of times. The first 3 refreshes per day are free, and each subsequent refresh will cost 100,000 credits.

It is unknown whether EU/NA/RU servers will have similar events in the near future.


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