WOT console isn’t a tank game anymore

Console edition has been absolutely ruined.

My 2nd time playing it after the newest “update” that should get rolledback.

If you try to play a game in any tank that isn’t a premium OR top tier you just cannot have fun. Trying to play a game in the Tiger II and i see 4 tanks coming towards me. 3 of them are “hot wheels premium”. Like what?

A goddamn tank game where a Tiger II has irrelevant armour because this bright blue hotwheels tank comes down the road.

Its just lost all the fun factor and grinding has also been ruined. Ive played about 11 games today and out of the 30 players in the whole game ive worked out that there’s an average of 12 premiums. And i dont mean realistic premiums like the Tiger 131 or the American T34, im on about things like a “Cruncher” or a “Hardcase” or “The Machine”. A bloody tier X premium!

Ive been playing WOT console since about 2014 and i cannot believe that they thought this was a good idea for an update. Its just, not World Of Tanks.

Because its ‘console edition’ they thought they’d just mess with it to get as many kids as possible to pay for premium, premium tanks and gold.

PC players better hope they dont do the same or WOT is done.

I cant be the only person thats noticed this right?

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