WoT CT 1.18.1: G.I. JOE 3D Styles

– The Wolverine 3D style is inspired by the same-name Armored Missile Vehicle that was released in 1983. ”Based on the US Army’s top-secret weapons system, ” the toy model came with a Cover Girl figurine and featured twin rocket launchers loaded with a total of 12 stinger missiles.

– The M54 Renegade is reborn as a weapon of Cobra! The CAT (Motorized Crimson Attack Tank) style is inspired by the limited-edition toy model that was released in 1985. Secretly developed by Cobra engineers, the vehicle is one of the most advanced and efficient vehicles in its class. Climbs tough terrain and turns like a real tank.

Unique Commanders:

With a dedicated voice track.

Commander Cover Girl – Cover Girl was initially a high fashion model in New York and Chicago who enlisted in the service, attended Armor School at Fort Knox and related technology schools, and is an expert at diesel mechanics and gas turbine technology.

Commander Baroness – The spoiled offspring of European aristocrats, the Baroness graduated from student radicalism and eventually joined the ranks of COBRA. Her chief strength in navigating the organization’s power structure is in playing high-ranking members against each other. Rumor has it she is also the only person who knows Destro’s true identity.


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