WoT CT 1.18.1: Unique Commander – QuickyBaby

Joining the ranks of the unique Commanders in World of Tanks is the well-known: QuickyBaby. He has a dedicated voice track and a unique 2D Style set available in two variants.

Upcoming Exclusive Commander for EU/NA regions.

Commander of “QuickyBaby”

– QuickyBaby has been a passionate World of Tanks commander since the early days of the game. It’s time for the famed content creator to join you in your Garage and lead you to victory!

His analytical approach to the game and quick wit have earned him an ever-growing community on Twitch and YouTube and make him an excellent commander on the battlefield. Roll out together, wreak havoc, and show your enemies why QuickyBaby still has a great love for the game after all these years.


“QuickyBaby” styling kit

– An all-season style dedicated to the professional World of Tanks player and streamer Will Frampton, also known as QuickyBaby.


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