WoT CT 1.20: “Svadilfari” 3D Style for UDES 15/16

“This is unbearable, Eric. I’ve lived in the north my whole life, and you know what the weather is like over there. Now I’m getting transferred here, where

steel is almost melting in the sun. What use is there to me, Eric, when I am almost always half-conscious? I know our language pretty well, but now I’m having a hard time using anything but curses to describe the situation. How stupid I was to whine about our harsh winters. It’s true what they say: If you want to open someone’s eyes to something, put them in a truly awful environment and they’ll understand right away that they’ve been doing pretty good. You know what’s the only thing keeping me in check, Eric? The ventilation system still works. When it breaks down (and that’s not an if but a definite when—you’ve seen it being assembled yourself), remember everything we’ve read about Muspelheim because that’s exactly where we’re going.”

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