WoT CT 1.20: “Wüstenschiff” 3D Style for Maus

They are still very young, just taking baby steps. I hope—sincerely—that all of them will live through this war and that they’ll have an opportunity to take

another look at all of my ‘crazy ideas.’ Do we really have nothing better to do than mount anti-air guns on their tanks? Are we doing this only to get a couple more Reichsmarks? We don’t think about anything but ourselves here—that’s what they think, huh? Or do those critics forget how my AA guns saved the 22nd Panzer Division from being annihilated by strike planes? Have you forgotten who the sky belongs to now? Ask yourself a question: What do you want more, to drag my technical solutions in the mud or to survive and return home? Ask your parents what THEY want more. Your criticism got me sent to Africa, but believe me—I’m not wasting any time here. I know I can still help. Even though no one believes in me. Live through the war and think about it. Always yours, Oberst ‘Old Fool’ Andreas Bekker.”

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