WoT: Fair Play Update


Following the Renaissance event, and in accordance with our Fair Play Policy, we will penalize 2,552 accounts. 1,665 of these accounts will receive their first warning, and 887 will be banned permanently. Our message is clear: cheating is not OK!


In this wave for the Americas, we’ve penalized 228 accounts: 144 of these received their first warning, and 84 were banned permanently. All players who were banned during this ban wave will be removed from the Ranked Battles leaderboard.


In this wave, we’ve penalized 208 accounts in the Asia region. 141 of these accounts have received their first warning, and 67 have been banned permanently. These banned accounts will also be removed from the Renaissance Global Map event leaderboard.


As part of this campaign, 41,491 accounts were blocked in the RU region.
33 198 of them received the first warning (7 days of ban),
8 293 were blocked forever.
In total, 3,275 players were blocked on the Walk of Fame.

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