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I’ve been trying to purchase WoT+ since the day they implemented it and it’s continuously failed. WG support keeps giving me the run around even though I’ve provide screenshots that it’s not an issue on my or my bank’s end. I have no problem making transactions with anything else from the shop ie: premium time, gold, or tanks, but WoT+ just won’t happen. I’ve had my bank watch my account via their systems while purchasing and everything on their end is green-lighted for international/online purchases and was confirmed to not be blocking anything from wargaming.net. WG support keeps giving me the same tired responses as if they aren’t reading or looking at my screenshots or anything and continuously deflect any sort of blame that it could be on their end. I tried contact WGNA person on discord and have been ignored too, so my last resort is here.

Again, is there anyone else here having a similar issue? Has anyone had this issue in the past and got it resolved?

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