WoT is crashing my computer repeatedly

If anyone knows how to fix this then feel free to weigh in, but this is mostly just me bitching.

Ever since the new update dropped, and when I say this NEVER happened before I mean in 5+ years of playing the game has never done this before even ONCE, like three or four times a day the game will crash and I’ll be forced to entirely restart my PC, because the game screen itself won’t close or even let me open task manager over it.

Literally just today I was in a match in a Progetto 46, 2.5k damage dealt, 3 kills, and lined up for AT LEAST another 700 damage and another kill, potentially even a medal for killing 2 or 3 arty if I was lucky and the game just… freezes. Stops, cold turkey, it’s over. While I’m face to face in the most literal sense with a P.43 Ter, about to fucking destroy his sexy Italian Bussy, and i just know my fucking tank went dead In the water, stopped, just staring at him while he doubtlessly got a fucking free kill on me.

Is there some new shit causing this for anyone else, or what? My PC doesn’t do this for anything else, no other game or application or anything causes these issues for me but WoT just shits the bed every 30 minutes, and I’m fucking tired of it because I just spent $60 something dollars between the improved pass and a Skoda T56

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