WoT: Large Lootboxes 2021 Statistics

Statistics are based solely on large boxes opened in the RU server. The following statistics have been found:

• Approximate drop rate of any tier 8 premium tank: 1.94%

GSOR 1008 = 0.59%
ISU-152K = 0.59%
Bisonte C45 = 0.42%
Bourrasque = 0.34%

• Approximate drop rate for any tank of tier 6 and below: 10.30%
• Approximate drop rate of any tank in general: 12.25%
• Approximate drop rate of any 3D style: 5.76%
• The possibility of getting a 3D style out of the box is calculated separately from everything else. Conventionally, it is possible to get a premium and 3D style out of one box. Styles cannot be repeated. No unambiguous priority was found for the new styles over the old ones.
• “For every 50 large boxes you open, you are guaranteed to receive one epic item (premium tier 8 tank or 3D style)” – this rule was valid ONLY for China.

It should be noted that the probability of getting tier 6 premiums and below is not that big.

– When did the most gold drop: New Year (804.22 gold per box, taking into account absolutely all compensations)
– When did the most tier 8 tanks drop: New Year
(small sample, the actual chances should be equal, in theory, of course).

• Average amount of game currency from 1 box:

– excluding compensations for duplicates: 331.93 gold.
– assuming that compensation for premiums starts at 2 (?): 602.20 gold.
– assuming that all the premiums are duplicates (even three): 640.33 gold.

Credits: 59543.92
Premium WoT days: 0.76

Full data (Russian): https://vk.cc/bWWho2

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