WoT: “Make a Wager” 2D Style

— An all-season style dedicated to those who like to predict the results of football matches.

The first sport wagers appeared back in ancient Rome and Greece. Bets were made for gladiator fights, chariot races, Olympic games results, etc. However, the first bookmaker as a profession appeared only in the 17th century in Great Britain and then spread across the world. The way they worked is similar to today’s way: Bookmakers would look for those who were willing to make bets, then they would pay out the winner and take a percentage of the bets for profit. Different countries have had laws forbidding or restricting betting for centuries, and governments would keep an eye on them.

In the mid-19th century, the governments of Great Britain, France, Germany, and some American states made betting legal. Bookmakers stopped working underground, and people’s bets were protected by law. A huge boost to the industry happened in the ’90s when the internet allowed for online betting. Currently, online sports betting is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, and tens of millions of people make those bets.

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