WoT: New Chinese Heavy Tanks

New Chinese heavy tanks are heading to the Supertest very soon. Transitioning from the Type 58 medium tank, this branch will include four vehicles:

Tier VII: BZ-58
Tier VIII: BZ-166
TIer IX: BZ-68
Tier X: BZ-75

After extensive and rigorous testing, we hope that these newly released vehicles will be interesting and unusual, while remaining balanced.

Brief concept description

This branch contains heavy assault tanks with strong hulls and well-sloped turret armour. Depending on the vehicle tier, these vehicles will have a choice between two guns: large calibre 122-152-mm guns, and super-large calibre 160-180-mm guns.

Each gun requires a different style of gameplay and combat use, so make your choice based on your preferred playstyle. These heavy tanks will also feature convenient gun depression angles.

Although vehicle mobility will be relatively low due to the vehicles’ strong armour, this is where the new jet boosters mechanic will come into play. In real life, these devices were used to cross rugged terrains. With them, combat vehicles could quickly travel through dangerous areas or leave the line of fire.

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