WoT: New Holiday Ops 2023 2D Styles

All new Holiday Ops 2023 2D styles feature special Marks of Excellence that will replace the default marks on the vehicle’s gun.

— A special style that represents real friendship, mutual aid, and a readiness to help whenever needed.

Remember when you rushed out of school knowing that your best friend’s parents were away and he was probably the only one in the neighborhood who had an 8-bit console with new cartridges? And two ”joysticks” (actually called gamepads, but who cares)! And that meant that the second half of the day would be awesome. Those were the times. Oh, here is that friend sending an invite to the Platoon.

— An all-season style that can hide in a box or knock some items it deems irritating off of a dresser.

When developing this style, we used archive photos and videos, eye-witness testimony, preserved museum prototypes, and monographs written by consultants and researchers. After a lot of development, approval, and change requests, we can safely say that this is the most historical of all styles currently released. The fact that it somehow ended up in another CATegory has to do with someone’s mischievous furry paw.

— Core memory unlocked: the word ”attic.” This is the attic that has the box that collects dust for the whole year, just waiting to be opened for the holidays. Inside the box are baubles, stars, garlands, and twinkling lights that have impossibly tied themselves into the most complex knots again. Fake snow and so much more. And you can even smell the gingerbread cookies. The box waits, knowing its time will come. It will be remembered and carefully opened, and the decorations will be taken out. And after the holidays, it’ll be time for another long, dusty vacation. This is the way.

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