WoT Ranked Battles 2021/2022 – Possible Reward Speculation

As you probably know from the full 1.14 patchnotes, there is already a mention of 3 seasons of Ranked Battles in a 10×10 format. We are waiting for the first season this fall, and the other two in 2022. But the most interesting thing is this quote from the official description:

“For completing each of the three seasons, you will be able to receive a special style for Tier X vehicles, and at the end of the 2021–2022 seasons, valuable rewards and a unique Tier X vehicle.”

Now it remains to decide what kind of tank it is. But there are few candidates, only 3 (2):

• 114 SP2 (China, TD-10, promotional);
• Object 268 variant 5 (USSR, TD-10, promotional);
• Object 780 (USSR, HT-10, promotional).

114 SP2 – since 1.13 (the last patch) it is being tested by supertesters, and also in 1.13 this tank was given to them. The price in gold was added and the tags: “Secret” and “Testable” were removed. Thus, the tank is completely ready for release.

Object 268 variant 5 – “reserve tank”, which has been in storage for several years. In 2016, it went to ST (Ob. 268 5), with patch 0.9.15 the tank was tested by supertesters. With the release of WOT patch 1.11 (December 2020), supertesters and devs started testing the Obj. again, but after that absolutely NO changes followed. It was rumored that we would see it on the Black Market in 2021, but this did not happen, therefore, most likely, the release was again postponed. By its tags at the moment, this tank is not yet ready for release.

Object 780 – we don’t even take this tank into account, because it went under another event and had some features related to the 10th anniversary of WoT (which was not removed yet from the model). It has not gone through any extra tests for a long time (last time was in 2020).

There are simply no more candidates for tier X.

Thus, with a 95% probability for the upcoming ranked battles, according to our colleagues at wotclue, the main prize will be the Chinese promotional TD – 114 SP2.

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