WoT real DPM spreadsheet: is DPM stat a lie?

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My clickbait-y title aside, here’s what I meant:

Oh and before we start, here’s the link to the spreadsheet
hope I made no mistakes, spent a lot of time making sure everything is right with every update

TL;DR: spreadsheet compares how much damage different tanks will deal at the same timestamps assuming that all of them started shooting at the 0th second and continued uninterrupted, as if they had a loaded gun which is how I usually start my engagements. I did not take into account exactly when each tank would actually shoot, 1. it’s not what I made that for 2. too much work and would be unreadable. It’s PURELY THEORETICAL, I do know that Kampfpanzer won’t deal 1215.33333333 damage in 20 seconds.

Okay so the concept of this originated when I got myself Kampfpanzer 07(premium tier 8 german medium) and realized that despite its AMAZING DPM of 3046 I felt like I was dealing damage pretty slowly

I am a fairly experienced player and I like to think I’m quite decent(wot-life stats if you want to know who’s writing this, was doing arty missions last night so cut me some slack),
call me dumb, but even I, when seeing a DPM of around 3000 at a tier 8 tank, thought that it must be an absolute shredder up close

So I made the spreadsheet and found it sort of shocking how long some “higher alpha lower rate of fire” tanks can keep up with the high RoF low alpha shredder, for example, Kampfpanz is. Probably nothing revolutionary but it did make me revise how I interpret DPM by A LOT, it’s also kinda cool to look at if I may say so myself

Why what I made is trash:

Here I just wanted to touch on 3 things which make this imperfect

As mentioned in TL;DR, I KNOW that e.g. T-44-100 won’t deal exactly 1693.75 damage in 35s. My calculations do not take into account when exactly different tanks would take their shots, that’s not the point. Why I wanted to make this was to see the overall potential DPM of different vehicles if they could keep shooting uninterrupted in-game DPM is calculated from the values in the spreadsheet and in some cases it’s off of what I actually see in game by 1-2, no idea why, some differeny rounding methods I suppose With exception of the last 3 Tier 9 vehicles all values for RoF are taken straight from my garage, didn’t bother adding BIA for every tanks as it was for personal use and I only cared to see values specific to me. I still think it’s an interesting concept that you can also explore yourself!

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