WoT RU: Account transfers to EU coming soon

WoT will now have an account transfer from CIS to the EU server.

Following from the FAQ about the closure of WoWP in the CIS area, you can transfer your WOT account to the EU region via World of Warplanes. In fact, there will be a simultaneous transfer of the WoWP and WOT account. Details are coming later.

1. What will happen to the account and in-game values ​​on it after the server closes?
– Players may be given the option to transfer their WoWp account to an EU server. But such a transfer will be possible only if the WoT game account is simultaneously transferred from the RU server, with all the game progress on it (in-game values ​​and currency).

Accounts of players who cannot or do not want to transfer an account to the EU region will be deleted after the RU server is closed, and all game values ​​​​on them will be lost. The gold available on the account will remain available on the WoT account on the RU server.

2. What conditions are required to transfer an account to the EU server?
– Dates, details and specific conditions for account transfer will be available soon, stay tuned!

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