WoT – Secret Climbing Positions Mod Is Back!

Under a new name and modders a well known mod from the past is availabe for the public again.
“Non-playable zones” gives the player routes/shortcuts to reach key positions as quick as possible. Or show ways to incredibly sneaky positions.
On the minimap, indicators show the places where it is possible to climb in order to fire more efficiently against the enemy. Moreover, after approaching such a site, the player will find out that a line appeared on the surface, which is necessary to follow to reach the specified point.
If you are an ultimate Climbing Enthusiastic or EBR main this mod is for you.

To download this mod you have to visit the Creator’s website:

Here you have to scroll down to the bottom and click on the hihglighted text.
If you want to support the modders you can do it here.

After 3 euros you can get access to an additional mod for a month which shows the invisible walls. These are they objects that stops you from climbing into various locations.

It’s just an essential and has nothing to do with the actual mod.

I tried this mod out and it is very helpful to climb effectively without memorizing every boost. If you want to see the preview of the mod watch my own compilation about climbing some of the easier positions:


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