WoT ST: Fata Morgana – A New Desert Frontline Map

• Technical name: 210_bf_epic_desert
• Size: 3000×3000 (3×3 km)
• Battle mode: FL only
• Map type: desert
• Setting: desert of North Africa

On January 9, the 3rd map for the “Frontline” mode was first released for the WoT Supertest. This appearance in January on ST means that the release should not be expected until summer.
Currently, the map is still in SD quality and it is clear that work is underway on it right now. This is far from the final look of the location.
There are 2 tunnels on the map.

“Set in the desert of North Africa, it offers players a variety of landscapes from a large industrial port to a colorful coastal town, from a huge oil refinery to a rocky canyon, the ruins of a historic castle, shady caves and a lush oasis.”

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