WoT ST: Ho-Ri 1 Detailed Stats

Ho-Ri 1 (Japanese, Tier IX, TD, techtree)

The tank has 2 guns to choose from: 127mm and 149mm.

Stats of the 127mm:
Average damage: 500 (dmg)
Average armor penetration: 265/305/80(mm) AP/AP/HE
The rate of fire of the gun: 4.64 (rounds/min)
Loading of the gun: 12.94 (sec)
Gun traverse speed: 29.2 (deg/s)
Vertical aiming angles: -7/15 (deg)
Horizontal aiming angles: 10/10 (deg)
Information time: 2.21 (sec)
Accuracy at 100 m: 0.34
Average damage per minute: 2,318

Stats of the 149mm:
Average damage: 650 (dmg)
Average armor penetration: 290/325/90 (mm) AP/AP/HE
Rate of fire of the gun: 4.04 (rounds/min)
Loading of the gun: 14.86 (sec)
Gun traverse speed: 29.2 (deg/s)
Angles of vertical aiming: -7/15 (deg)
Angles of horizontal aiming: 10/10 (deg)
Information time: 2.49 (sec)
Accuracy at 100 m: 0.33
Average damage per minute: 2624

Strength: 1800 (HP)
Armor (hull/side/rear mm): 245/50/50 mm
Running gear repair time: 12.03 (sec)
Weight / maximum weight of the machine: 56,16/61 (t)
Engine power: 850 (h.p.)
Specific power: 15.14 (h.p./t)
Max. speed/reverse: 32/16 (km/h)
Hull traverse speed: 31.29 (deg/s)

View range: 390 (m)

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