WoT ST: Ho-Ri 1

Ho-Ri 1 (Japanese, Tier IX, TD, techtree)

The Ho-Ri 1 is a new researchable Tier IX tank destroyer of the Japanese Tech Tree.

Its damage per shot is 650 HP. The standard shell has 290 mm of penetration, while the special shell penetrates 325 mm. The accuracy is 0.34 m, and the aiming time is 2.6 s. The reload time is 15.5 s.

The effective frontal armor of the hull and superstructure reaches 240 mm, and the durability is 1,800 hit points. Its gun depression angle is −7 degrees. The vehicle’s top speed is 32 km/h, while its specific power is 15 h.p./t. The view range is 390 m.

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