WoT ST: Ho-To

Ho-To: The First Tier VIII Premium Japanese Tank Destroyer

This vehicle is equipped with a 127 mm naval gun, which uses so-called semi-AP shells with thinner front walls and a large explosive charge. When compared to typical AP shelled, semi-AP shells have slightly reduced armor-piercing values but, upon penetration, cause higher damage to enemy vehicles. The standard shell causes 500 HP of damage and is capable of penetrating as much as 265 mm of enemy armor. The special shell causes up to 570 HP of damage and can penetrate 230 mm of armor. The use of this shell type significantly increases the vehicle’s DPM.  It has an accuracy of 0.34 m, an aiming time of 2.3 s, and a reload time of 12.4 s.

I know at least someone would be super excited to finally see this coming.

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