WoT ST: Kampfpanzer 3 Prj. 07 HK

Kampfpanzer 3 Prj. 07 HK: A Tier IX German Tank Destroyer 

This tank is equipped with a 105 mm gun that deals 320 HP of damage per shot. With its standard shell, it can penetrate up to 268 mm; with special HEAT shells up to 320 mm. It has an aiming time of 2.7 s (1.5 s), a dispersion of 0.36 m (0.25 m), and a reload time of 7 s (10 s). The top speed is 65 km/h (20 km/h).

*Technical characteristics in Siege mode

A key feature of this vehicle is its Siege mode, which takes three seconds to switch both into and out of.  Advantages of the Siege mode include better accuracy and aiming speed, which come at the cost of a longer reload time. Also, the vehicle’s maneuverability decreases in the Siege mode. Inversely, in Travel mode, the tank destroyer has a high DPM value.

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