WoT ST: Latta Stridsfordon

Latta Stridsfordon (Sweden, Tier-9, TD)

The Latta Stridsfordon is a Tier IX Swedish tank destroyer. Like other top-tier tank destroyers of this nation, it has the Siege mode ability. Switching to the mode takes 2 s, while switching back takes 1.3 s. The advantages of Siege mode include a reduced reload time, plus increased accuracy and aiming speed. However, speed is reduced in Siege mode. The vehicle is equipped with a 120 mm gun that causes 420 HP of damage per shot. Standard shell penetration is 290 mm, while penetration with special shells is 330 mm. Aiming time is 3 s (2 s), dispersion at 100 m is 0.4 m (0.35 m), and reload time is 12 s (8.5 s). Top speed: 60 km/h (20 km/h). Reverse speed: 40 km/h (20 km/h).
Vehicle characteristics in Siege mode.

The gameplay of the Latta Stridsfordon will be similar to other top-tier tank destroyers from the Swedish Tech Tree.

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