WoT ST: ST-62 Version II Detailed Stats

ST-62 Version II (USSR, Tier-9, LT, premium, reverse autoreloader with 3 shells)

• Average damage: 300 dmg
• Average armor penetration with APCR shells: 221 mm
• Average armor penetration with HEAT shells: 270 mm
• Average armor penetration with HE shells: 50 mm
• Full magazine reload: 36.43 sec
• Reload time between rounds: 2.5 sec
• First round reload time: 8.6 sec
• Second round reload time: 12.5 sec
• Third round reload time: 15.3 sec
• Rounds in the magazine: 3
• Horiz. sight translation: 54.24°/sec
• Gun Depression / Elevation angles: –6/20°
• Aiming time: 2.4 sec
• Dispersion at 100 m: 0.36
• Average damage per minute: 2,086
• APCR Shell velocity: 1,200 m/s
• HEAT Shell velocity: 950 m/s
• HE Shell velocity: 900 m/s

All performance characteristics are indicated with the commander’s bonus.

Description not available.

Crew 4 people: Commander (radio operator); Gunner; Driver; Loader
Role in battle: temporarily absent.
Special category Equipment: Survivability

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