WoT Supertest: BZ-176

The first vehicle in the new Chinese branch to join the Supertest will be the Tier VIII Premium BZ-176 tank.

Additional Statistics for BZ-176

Dispersion during turret rotation – 0.2
Gun dispersion during hull movement – 0.2
Gun dispersion during hull traverse – 0.2
Dispersion after shot – 4
Shell Velocity – 360/760
Terrain Resistances – 1/1.1/2.2

This vehicle has excellent armour characteristics, reaching 250 mm in the turret and boasting thick sides that make it a truly imposing fortress.

Another distinctive feature of the BZ-176 is its 160-mm howitzer gun with good aiming time and dispersion, but a very long reload time. It also has an excellent –11 degrees of gun depression and a damage per shot of 1,100 HP with a standard shell, as well as 75 mm of penetration. The special shell deals 800 HP of damage and penetrates 225 mm of armour.

In terms of mobility characteristics, the BZ-176 has a top speed of 30 km/h and a reverse speed of 15 km/h. Its specific power of 10.5 h.p./t. might not be outstanding, but keep in mind that the BZ-176 is the first heavy tank to be equipped with the jet booster mechanic. When activated, these boosters double the engine power and increase the top forward speed.

At the start of the battle, the boosters will take 5 seconds to load and prepare for use (you’ll be notified of this in a corresponding indicator bar). After that, the booster can be activated. Once activated, the tank will receive a brief boost to its engine power and top forward speed, as well as its initial momentum, allowing the heavy combat vehicle to accelerate.

When jet boosters are in use, the vehicle will have difficulty turning and moving in reverse. You will not be able to cancel the effect until one charge is fully depleted. After that, you will need to wait 5 seconds until the boosters are reloaded.

The boost effect will last 10 seconds and can be used up to 4 times per battle with the given amount of jet fuel. After the last use, the indicator will notify you of your empty fuel tanks and you will not be able to use the jet boosters for the remainder of the battle.

When used correctly, this mechanic will allow you to quickly cross dangerous areas at critical moments in battle, ram lightly-armoured targets more efficiently, or occupy key positions faster. Overall, there are plenty of ways to adapt this mechanic to your taste and playstyle.

Every vehicle in the new Chinese branch will feature the jet booster mechanic. However, their exact configurations (i.e., the number and duration of uses per battle) have yet to be finalized. Stay posted!

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