WoT Supertest: Char Mle.75

The Tier IX French Char Mle.75 light tank is making its arrival at the closed Supertest!

This vehicle is armed with a 100 mm gun that can deal 250 damage per shot. Its standard AP shell penetrates 200 mm of armour, while the penetration of its special APCR shell is 240 mm. The accuracy is 0.35. The gun is equipped with a 6-shell magazine in the Standard mode and a 4-shell magazine in the Rapid mode. The reload time between bursts in the magazine is 3.5 s.

The most interesting part about it undoubtedly is that the gun fires with bursts, not single shots. This means that one click fires several shells. The burst includes three shells for the Standard mode and two for the Rapid one.
When you fire in the Standard mode, the gun releases a burst of three shells with an interval of 0.4 s. In the Rapid mode, two-shell bursts are fired with an interval of 0.6 s. The total damage of a magazine will be 1,500 HP in the Standard mode and 1,000 HP in the Rapid mode. The aiming time in the Standard mode is 2.5 s, while in the Rapid one, it is 3 s.

Also, the modes affect the vehicle’s dynamic characteristics. In the Standard mode, the top speed is 55 km/h. In the Rapid mode, however, the top speed rises to 78 km/h. In the Rapid mode, the engine power increases significantly from the standard 1,000 h.p. up to 1,400 h.p.
The Standard-to-Rapid switch time is of only 1 s. And the Rapid-to-Standard switch takes 3 s.

The Char Mle.75 is not a typical representative of light tanks. The improved dynamics in the Rapid mode are balanced with decreased parameters of gun handling, aiming time, damage, and view range. However, the combination of the Rapid mode and the magazine loading system significantly extends your area control capabilities and provides new tactical opportunities that, if used properly, will help you be not only the team’s eyes but also its firepower

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