WoT Supertest – Crew 2.0 Important Info

According to preliminary info from wotclue, the Crew 2.0 is not working so smoothly and there are many questions in general about the new crew. Quoting them directly:

Just today, we received information about the Crew 2.0 Supertest in World of Tanks from our insiders in Cyprus. Closed testing of this feature is in full swing right now.

According to the preliminary examination of the information received, the Crew 2.0 is not so smooth and there are many questions in general about the expediency of this approach, as well as the completeness of the entire structure of Crew 2.0.

The source himself reports, quote: “I do not know what ***** came up with this, but as the players correctly note — this is an attempt to remake what is now already working quite OK, and as a result, the players will suffer as always. Well, it’s also an attempt to push new things to suck money/time out of players and impose a worthless new interface. And they (developers) face a lot of challenges due to the new crew that interacts simply with everything in the game. So at the release, wait again for a sea of bugs; yes, everything is already decided there, the Crew 2.0, regardless of the opinions of the players, will be released.”

Next, we will show some details that may occur and express our own opinion and the opinion of our interlocutor (who provided the information) on this innovation, which should be tested in the sandbox at the beginning of this year.

The current crew will not be automatically converted to Crew 2.0. This will have to be done manually by clicking on the “Convert Crew” button under all tankers. You don’t need to do this, but then old perks will not work for you except for the light bulb. The light bulb will be available to all by default and will not require crew skill points.

When converting, depending on how many skills each crew member has, you will get one commander with a progression level. There are 75 levels in total and the same number of skill points. But at what rate the crews will be transferred is not yet known. In the answers of the developers, it was said that a 5 perk crew is enough to get the maximum crew level.

The commander can learn completely new skills. There are only 5 branches of development, 2 ultimates on each. An ulltimate opens when putting 30 skill points in the selected branch and only one of the two can be selected.
Each skill goes up to 10 levels. Thus, with the maximum leveling of the crew, you can choose 7 skills with 10 points and 1 skill with 5, or distribute them yourself as you like, without leveling the skills to the maximum.
Unfortunately, we don’t have a complete list of skills and ultimates.
Leveled skills can be edited or reset for all the invested points. But it is not known whether it will be possible to do this for free and at any time, or whether payment will be introduced in the future.

The commander will be able to change his passport details as before. Namely, the first name, last name and a new photo from the standard list. Also, as before, for free experience at the rate of 1 to 5, you can raise the level of the commander. How much experience will be needed to reach the maximum level is also not yet known. But one of the pictures indicates that the 75 (max) level requires 238,140 free experience or 1,190,700 crew experience.
The training brochures provide as much experience as they do at the moment.

Up to 4 instructors can be selected for each commander. A new instructor can only be added with a new commander level (15, 30, 45, and 65). Typically the instructors are unique crew members, such as Buffon, Chuck, or the Snow Maidens. Instructors will give a bonus to crew skills that are unique to the selected instructor. For example, +2 skill points to repair. Also, each instructor will give a bonus to the crew experience.

Instructors will be divided into 3 classes. The higher the class, the more skills and experience the crew will get. For example, Class 3 gives +2 skill points to the selected crew and +10% to the crew experience. Class 2 gives +3 skill points and +20% crew experience. How much does Class 1 give and who falls under this parameter is unknown.

Instructors can be recruited, but they will not have the best parameters. When recruiting an instructor, you can choose the desired skill bonus for the specific crew.

The commander will be able to study up to 3 leveled up tanks of the selected class of the same nation, including the tank in which the crew is already sitting.

Slots open at crew level 15 and 45, or they can be opened for 750 gold each. Crew training for an additional tank also costs 750 gold (test) without loss, 500,000 credits (test) with -10% loss of accumulated crew experience or for free with -30% loss of accumulated crew experience. In this case, all the commander’s skills will also be reset and they will need to be reallocated.
Thus, one crew leveled up with good instructors will be able to sit on 3 tanks of the selected nation and class. For example, the crew of the Object 140 can be trained on the T-62A and K-91 if the selected skills are suitable for you, including all premium medium tanks of the USSR. This is a very big plus in our opinion.

And the last innovation. Depending on the selected skills and crew ultimates in battle, active perks will be shown over the aiming interface. This can make it easier to understand what exactly works for you at the moment from all the skills.

Among all the above, we have a lot of questions, but for the answers we will have to wait until the next Sandbox.

The first thing that confuses us: Where does the converted crew go, namely all the others except the commander. We are especially concerned about the crew consisting of special crew members such as the Snow Maidens from the New Year’s Offensive.

The second thing that is equally confusing to us is what will happen to the unique commanders? Because in theory, they should all become instructors. Thus, the commanders will be just the usual crew of a given nation.
The full impact of the instructor on the commander’s skills is unknown. Let’s say the instructor gives +2 to the repair skill. If the skill will be leveled up more than the maximum value of 10 units, thus increasing the repair speed. Also, whether the instructor’s skill will give you the necessary points to get an ultimate.

Based on the unification of the trained crew for different vehicles, there will be no need for a large number of leveled up crews on different tanks of the same class, but which differ in specializations.

The fate of the faces is unknown. Most likely, all skins can be applied only to the commander or the newly recruited instructor.

The Personal Training manual currently gives only 1 crew member 850,000 experience. How it will work after changing the crew is not clear, because now everything will be 1 commander, and there is no need to train instructors.

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