WoT Supertest: Mitsu 108 Detailed Stats

Mitsu 108 (Japan, Tier-5, HT, techtree)
Average damage: 300/300/400
Average armor penetration (mm): 130/165/53
Rate of fire (rounds/min): 4.53
Loading of the gun (sec): 13.23
Turret Traverse Speed (deg/s): 31,29
Hull Traverse Speed (deg/s): 29.2
Gun elevation/depression (deg): -10/20
Aiming time (sec): 2.88
Accuracy at 100 m: 0.44
Average damage per minute: 1360
Strength (HP): 900
Hull Armor (frontal/side/rear in mm): 70/40/30
Turret Armor (frontal/side/rear in mm): 90/70/60
Track Repair time (sec): 14.04
Weight / maximum weight of the machine(t): 46/50
Engine power (hp): 700
Specific power (hp/t): 15.22
Max. speed/reverse (km/h): 35/12
Stationary vehicle camo (%): 4.16/1.08
Camo in motion (%): 2.11/0.55
View Range (m): 350

Crew of 6 people: Commander; Gunner; Driver; Radio operator; Radio operator; Loader.

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