WoT Supertest – New Maps: Dalny + Last Frontier

We have yet MORE maps for the supertest!

So let’s start with;


General Description:

  • English Name: Remote Town
  • Map size: 1000×1000 meters
  • Game mode: Standard Battle
  • Setting: autumn


II. Gameplay

A spacious, open map with many opportunities to spot enemies and fight from cover.

  1. A town with good cover from artillery.
  2. A short route for a fast breakthrough.
  3. A relatively safe, but very long, alternative route through a mountain.

Now then let’s move on to:

Last Frontier

 General Description:

  • A map for Standard Battles.
  • Map size: 1000×1000 meters
  • Location: Europe
  • Season: summer
  • Evening


Positions and Lines:

  1. A lowland, well protected from fire from the sides. Allows tough vehicles not to worry about being flanked. However, the more elevated parts of zone 1 has lines of fire to zone 2.
  2. A position with influence on some parts of zone 1, with a view towards the bases.
  3. Central zone. Connected with zones 2 and 4. Generally, creates one big front.
  4. A dangerous passage for spotting hills in position 5. Not primary. More of an alternative route.
  5. Positions for long-range shooting.

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