WoT: The Caliban Returns With a New 3D Style

The  VIIICaliban , with a quick two-shell autoreloader and HE-based gameplay, is available in the Premium Shop until January 20 at 14:00 CET (UTC+1), with a brand-new style available for gold in-game.

Caliban Offers

The Brit has a large-caliber 152.4mm cannon that deals 850HP of damage with 180mm penetration using the standard HE shell and 600HP with the special AP round.Reload in 3.75 seconds and deal potential HE-damage of 1,700 in less than 8 seconds. Use this heavy tank to strike fear—and damage—into your opponents in close combat!

Maximize your impact and get the brand-new HMS Bruiser 3D Style in-game for 3,000 gold!

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