WoT: The End for the Expedition Event

Wargaming decided to end with the Expedition event, opting in favor of yearly Frontline and Steel Hunter stages, however, without any tokens or other currency, which could be exchanged for a IX tier reward tank.

The decision was made after the players complained that the event was too long, and if they missed one part, they forfeited their chances to get a tank. In response to criticism, WG removed both tokens, and reward tanks from two of the modes, and as an alternative, they merged it with the Battle Pass, enabling the players to get their points faster.

That’s not all, however. The players will be able to get points for the BP to make progress faster, which doesn’t mean the BP won’t receive any changes.
The 4th season of the Battle Pass will be announced soon, and here are some details:

• Increased the stage amount from 45 to 150, and divided it into three chapters. Each chapter will have 50 stages, and its own hero, specifically a commander tied to a specific tank.

• Seasons One to Three encompassed 45 stages, which the players had to finish to get all the rewards, and 100 optional stages, for those who wanted Bonds. In Season Four, the players will have to complete 50 stages in one chapter to get all the rewards.

• Another change is the possibility to pick blueprints for any nation, instead of predetermined ones.

Season 2021 of Steel Hunter is already available as part of the public test of Update 1.12, and in it you can find all the info about how the Battle Pass points will be obtainable. The displayed values are preliminary, and will be different in the official 1.12 update release.

Could these changes potentially kill Steel Hunter and Frontline for most players? While Frontline is still enticing, thanks to the credit grind, Steel Hunter certainly lost some reason of existence. Combining these modes with the Battle Pass, thus increasing the grind, looks like a bad change for the players. More rewards will be available, but at the cost of more time invested in the game.

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