WoT: “The Krieger Family”

The Waffentrager event is already 4 years old. During this time we saw many characters, but Max von Krieger’s family stands out in particular.

• Max von Krieger (formerly Max von Hoffman, full name Maximilian Leonard von Krieger-Wythoffen, Baron zu Ledensburg):
He first appeared as the commander of the Walküre tank in the “Steel Hunter” mode in 2020. At that time, the still unknown engineer carried out orders for the Alliance. Over time, he escaped from the Alliance on the Ho 229 (Horten Ho IX) plane with his achievements in Season VI of the Battle Pass. We were not given the young Max von Hoffman at all, either in appearance or as a crew member.

Then we recognized him as Max von Krieger. Tank commander Blitzträger auf E 110 in “The Last Waffentrager” mode 2020
At that time, it could only be obtained as a crew skin.

We next saw him again in the 2021 fan mode Return of Waffentrager.
Now he could be obtained as a crew member for completing the Engineer’s collection. By the end of the event, Max von Krieger had disappeared and his youngest daughter, Ermelinda Jung, had taken his place.

• Ermelinda Jung:
She first appeared in the 2021 Twitch Prime High Voltage Pack.
Back then, no one had any idea how important it would be. You could get it in the form of a commander for purchasing a set.

Subsequently, we saw her as the commander of the tank Blitzträger auf E 110 of the “Waffentrager: Legacy” mode 2022.
You could get it in the form of a Crew Member for completing the mode progression.

Now the girl is all grown up and appears again in the current launch of “Waffentrager: Project Hyperion” in 2023. But this time it can be obtained as a crew skin in the Hound portals. She also operates a rental Waffenträger auf E 100 for random battles.

• Hannelore Ritter:
First appeared in Waffentrager: Project Hyperion 2023 as Ermelinda’s older sister. You can get it as a crew member for completing the mode progression.

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