WoT Update 1.12: Extended Battle Pass – More Info

A new currency, tokens, will be added to the Battle Pass. Similar tokens could be obtained during the 2020 Expedition, but now they will only be available at certain stages of the Battle Pass progression. They can be exchanged for vehicles and other valuable items in the new Items section for tokens in the in-game store;

Tier 9 reward tanks cost 5 tokens;
For one season of the Battle Pass, you can earn 6 such tokens (two tokens for each chapter). You will receive three tokens for completing the main progress, and you will get three more tokens by purchasing an Improved Battle Pass. You can find the tokens at certain stages of the pass:
Basic rewards: stages 5, 18 and 31;
Improved rewards: stages 11, 24 and 37.

You can only purchase 1 vehicle for completing one season of the Battle Pass;
Completing all three Seasons will be enough to earn the three reward vehicles and other items from the Token Items section of the in-game store;

There will be three seasons of the Battle Pass in 2021 (March, June, and September);
It is unknown if the price of items in the store will remain the same;

“To the South” medal awarded for completing all three chapters of the Battle Pass.

In addition to the award tanks (5 vehicles), you can buy:

100 bonds for 1 token (unlimited times);
2x Personal Reserves: + 50% more credits for 1 hour for 1 token (unlimited times);

This is not a complete list of items. When the Pass is introduced to the main server, more will appear.

How to get Tokens – Tokens are awarded for completing certain stages of the Battle Pass. You can also buy Stages and increase the total amount of chips you earn.
More Tokens – You can double the number of Tokens by purchasing an Improved Pass.
Item Availability – Token Items will be available until December 19, 2021. Any Tokens not used until the Store closes will be converted into bonds at the following rate: 1 Token = 100 Bonds.

Important: Battle Pass: Season 4 is only available for the Initial Test. The different characteristics and values ​​that will appear in the 2nd Public Test may differ from those in the final version. All Battle Pass rewards during this Public Test are for testing purposes and will be replaced with other rewards.

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