WOT – WSAD Control / UI Issues since patch

Since the most recent patch, my WOT experience has been rough. I can’t compete at all, because I’m having really weird control issues.

During battle, driving with the WASD keys, my controls will “stick” on or off intermittently. For instance, if I’m driving straight, then turn, releasing the key doesn’t always stop the turn, and the tank will continue to turn on its own. Or i’ll be driving straight just holding W, and when I release it – it continues driving.

It also works the other way, I can press a key, and occasionally it wont register the input.

I’ve tried all the basic stuff – Swapped Keyboards, Repaired the game, Completely reinstalled the client – I have a ticket open with WG support – I have sent them the WG Check files, a replay file as well – no answers. **UPDATE** I also just tried both Hogwarts Legacy and Jedi Survivor, and they work flawlessly with WSAD controls. I have also played on another desktop in the same room, on the same wired internet and it works as it should.

I’ve been playing WOT since 2016 on PC – I’ve had this same hardware / OS setup since 2019. The issue started the first time I tried playing after the patch.

Any ideas / Things to try? Has anyone else seen this before? Searching has led me nowhere.

Here is the replay file I sent WG. It happens twice before I even get out of the starting area.https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Lv_FyYD0Hzg9nUCAgwBxa5VWYl4-KUaY/view?usp=sharing


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