[WoTExpress] Mirny-13 2023 (release in mid-October) will have TITT Rozanov as it’s main reward.

🎃PvE fanmode “Mirny-13” 2023. Trilogy completion, Rewards and unique premium vehicle.

Release: mid-October.

This is the last time we’ll ever see this gamemode in the game.

For completing “Mirny-13” you can get a new, unique premium TITT Rozanov (🌍USSR, MT-8, premium). This tank was nerfed significantly, becase 3900 DPM on T8 was too much.

Current stats – https://tanks.gg/tank/titt

In addition to the tank there is a 3D themed style. To get the tank you will need to collect decryption keys in battle. The keys will decrypt memories and unlock tapes. For collecting all 15 tapes you will get the 🌍TITT Rozanov. Basically the mode itself is to beat all phases on all difficulties. So nothing has changed here.

New 3D themed styles for 2023 (for 💰 gold):

– X Centurion Action X

– VIII Lynx 6×6

– VIII Bofors Tornvagn

Vehicles that are rented for the mode. Like last time it is:

– “Malachite” (IX T-54) – you could get the style on the tank earlier.

– “Duplet” (IX IS-3-II).

– “Grenadier” (IX T49) – you could get the style on the tank earlier.

– “Hornet” (IX AMX 13 90) – you could get the style on the tank earlier.

– “Cerberus” (IX Centurion Mk. 7/1) – you could get the style on the tank earlier.

– “Legio Ferrata” (IX Progetto C50 mod. 66)

The mode will feature new enemies (bots) and bosses. The main boss Invincible will have support in the form of other bosses on each of the 3 difficulty levels. The plan is that different bosses on different difficulty levels will complicate gameplay, but will not make it monotonous, because you will gradually pump up your skills and tactics. New mechanics will also be added. For example, becoming invisible to the opponent or arranged reloading.

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