WoTrate.eu – new WoT community website


I’d like to introduce a new community site for World of Tanks players. The website is used for rating tanks in the game. So you can browse through all the tanks in the game and write reviews on them or read other people’s reviews.

You have to log in with your WoT account via WG login to rate tanks. As a result, the site will not allow players to post ratings on tanks that they have not played enough battles with. This will prevent frustrated players from spamming reviews on the Object 279e for example, saying it’s too OP. In addition, each rating displays the player’s average damage with that tank and the number of battles played at the time the rating was written.

This website can also help less experienced players with choosing new tanks. But first, players will need to share their experiences with their favorite or hated tanks 🙂

So I would like to invite everyone to try out the new site and write feedback on what they think about this project:


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