Would a one stop Q/A Discord server for newbies and returning players be useful?

We all know this game is complicated and even more so for someone just starting out or returning after a long hiatus.

For example, I played it since the Beta and stopped for a good few years and felt lost when I came back to it about a year ago and it took me quite a bit to get back into the groove of things (My winrate has not recovered yet).

So, since I see daily posts about new and/or returning players asking for directions/advice/etc, I though maybe setting up a Discord server where people could hop in to seek advice (and for the more tenured and willing, to give advice) and get direct feedback would be useful to them (instead of the 75% trollish remarks most of those threads generate).

On my part, I would love talking about the game and all it entails with other like-minded people.

What do you guys think? Feel free to add/criticize (constructive please) to this idea.

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