Would you shield a teammate?

Imagine arriving to a fight where a lone teammate of yours is duking it out with an enemy tank. Your teammate is a one shot and the enemy is basically a three shot for your teammate and a two shot for you. No other friendly/enemy tanks in the area except you three. You’re in range and mobile enough to do so; would you have shielded your teammate?


Just curious as to what other people would do


Just wondering since I just had a game where I went in front of a tiger dueling an IS (Tiger was my teammate). During my approach, we both took a shot and made him a one shot, I didn’t know how close the IS was in finishing his reload. The IS fired a shot as I went in front of my teammate just in the nick of time (was in the WZ 120 FT) and blocked the shot from the IS, which 100% would’ve sent him to the garage. Since my reload was faster as I was the first to fire when we both fired, I made the finishing blow. Oddly enough, the tiger was angry at me for “Blocking” the shot (since I was in front of him) and stealing the kill. Kinda made me question my decision.

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