WoWS: Changes to test ships – Closed Test 12.2

Based on testing results, we’re applying changes to Pan-American cruisers, European destroyers, Tashkent ’41, and Nottingham.

Pan-American cruisers

Changed the characteristics of Combat Instructions

When idle, Combat Instructions progress will decay at a faster rate: from every 2 s. to every 1 s.
Amount of progress lost with each downtick reduced: 25% to 15%

Pan American cruisers Ignacio Allende, Santander, and San Martin

Removed the Fighter consumable
The Spotting Aircraft consumable has been moved to the same slot as Surveillance Radar

The versatility provided by having simultaneous access to both the Spotting Aircraft and Surveillance Radar consumables made the ships excessively effective. Now, players will have to make a choice on what tactics to favor: either harassing from a distance with the Spotting Aircraft, or contesting Key Areas with Surveillance Radar.

Pan-American cruiser Coronel Bolognesi, Tier VII

Main battery turrets 180° turn time reduced: 25.7 to 20 s.

Pan-American cruiser Almirante Cochrane, Tier VI

Main battery turrets 180° turn time reduced: 30 to 20 s.

European destroyers

AP shells have been removed from all ships of the new branch.

The gameplay concept behind the new branch of European destroyers focuses them toward the use of a single shell type. This concept already exists in the game applied to British and Pan-American light cruisers, but now we want to try expanding it to a line of destroyers that can instead only fire HE shells.

Soviet destroyer Tashkent ’41, Tier VII

Main battery reload time increased: 4 to 5 s.
Torpedo tubes reload time increased: 70 to 80 s.
Changed the Torpedo Reload Booster consumable:

Number of charges reduced: 3 to 2
Time for torpedo tubes to reload after activation increased: 5 to 8 s.
Cooldown increased: 160 to 240 s.

British cruiser Nottingham, Tier VIII

Removed the Repair Party consumable
Torpedo range reduced: 10 to 8 km.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing.

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