wows player playing wot

i actually have a wot account that is like 10 years old or so, but i actually only ever played a few games here and there.
I mainly play wows and recently i started looking into wot a bit (for some change in a while).
Tbh wot is very userunfriendly when you don’t want to use hours just for reading and understanding everything the game presents to you.
i don’t want to critizize wot but maybe ask fora bit of help. what sould i look out for, what is important, what is negligible.
i feel overwhelemed by all the red markers with numbers that scream for my attention alone, i haven’t even understood how crew or consumables work. hell i don’t even know all the circlöes on the minimap and how detection works.

i have to say wows seems a bit more selfexplanatory at these things, but maybe someone can guide me to a youtube guide that explains ina fast and compact way the most important stuff?

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