WTF !? Have WoT Plus and Premium… but haven’t paid a cent for them

Greetings all ! So a couple of weeks ago I came back to WoT from a decent 5 month break. Noticed that as I started playing, I had a WoT Plus active + Premium account, for which I haven’t paid a cent.

Checked my bank transactions and all, but nothing has been taken from my account. I really don’t want these services to begin with, so here comes the question:

Anyone experience something similar ?

I don’t play everyday, and had a pause last week only to find yesterday evening that I still have both WoT Plus + Premium active (even though for WoT Plus the game states it is inactive – i.e. i have not subscribed for this service). Don’t want to wake up one day and find a cute/friendly email by WG for some sort of bs, where I did nothing intentional, so decided to ask here if i am a single case scenario.

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