Wtf is going on with 7+ tier?

I am a new player to WoT. 1200 games, 500 on Hellcat, 450 on Wolverine, everything else whatever. I thought I will just peak at playing up to tier VI as I didn’t intend to waste money on this game.

Well, that changed and I decided to start leveling up further. So I picked up T25AT and while I don’t have a maxed out crew and some perks yet + I decided to not buy any upgraded equipment on this tank as I just want to jump to T28 ASAP, but I can still do okay to solid dmg most of the games.

The problem is that despite my decent contribution, we still lose majority of the games. My current WR is just 40% over 100+ games, whilst on Hellcat and Wolverine I never had that problem and both sit at 50% WR.

I am just wondering what the hell is going on? Am I completely unlucky or am I doing something totally wrong that leads to this demise?

Note that I’ve played vs tier 8s before on Hellcat and never really struggled. But whenever I play T25AT, I can be in preferential matchmaking vs tier 6s and 5s and still lose. I am extremely frustrated because I want to advance faster from this tank but am stuck with some weird BS.

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