WZ-132 vs LT-432

Why would anyone buy the USSR light tank when the WZ-132 is the same.

I mean look:

>LT432 just has a little bit more base dpm (120 more)

>Just a bit more shell velocity 1150 compared to 920

>Just a little bit more ammo capacity 50 compared to 43

>Gun handling almost the same except better aim time, Dispersion, moving, tank traverse values, and just a little bit more gun depression, 7 compared to 5, but who needs depression or gun on a light tank

>Just a bit more forward speed at 70km/h compared to 64 and just a touch bit more engine power , 900 compared to 700. Power to weight ratio is also a bit better on 432

>432 Has actual armor, but who needs armor on a light tank? Idiots, right?

>A bit more camo, Stationary camo, after firing camo, Moving camo, after firing moving camo, Radio range are all a bit higher but it doesnt matter since the base values are so small, what difference does 2% make?

>Faster crew training , but that is fine since its premium.



LT-432 is a decent premium but not worth the money when you have the almost same tech tree WZ-132 so save your money and have fun!


Edit: It seems some people didn’t get it and i’m sorry for any misinformation. This was sarcasm guys, WZ132 is a shit tank and the LT432 is a p2w upgrade in literally every sense. Dont grind the chinese lights till they get significant buffs.

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