Yet another bonds post

I recently broke the 8k bonds threshold for the first time and so I’m making the obligatory “should I buy” post (I’ll delete the thread after making a decision if that makes people feel better).

Right now I’m debating between: – saving for the 121B, but that will take forever. – saving for the Foch 155. I know it’s meme-y, but TDs are my favorite branch and it seems fun. – getting the Guard: I have a zero-skill Russian crew (from the Rudy) and like the concept of a sneaky, sniper-ish Russian medium. Seems – or the Senlac: I have enjoyed rentals of the M41D and German Bulldog, but don’t plan to grind those lines any time soon. I know Senlac similarly isn’t the sneakiest LT, but seems to pack a similar punch and will be at least marginally useful with a Manticore crew, if not a perfect match. – or the IS-6B: seems borderline obsolete, but I have no Soviet HTs and there’s a lot of lines to grind. Plus it’s a classic, even if powercrept now.

The other usual suggestions I either have (Patriot and RBFM) or don’t have much interest in (Liberte). I also can’t see myself getting ranked or clan wars tanks any time soon, and don’t really feel like a competitive enough player to take real advantage of bond equipment.

Thanks in advance for any insight!

I have a bunch of great t8 premiums, so I’m spending for variety more than necessity

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