you guys probably see this complaint on here often, but…

Is this game not blatantly pay-to-win now?

I took a few years off from playing the game (a couple of times), and this time I came back and I noticed that all of the top performing tanks on are premiums. in 90% of the games I’ve played recently, the top performing players were driving a premium tank. There’s tier 9 and 10 premiums now (that I’m assuming you can just buy with cash, not CW rewards).

I remember how before, wargaming used to make it very clear that premium tanks are almost as good as their regular counterparts, to avoid seeming like a pay-to-win game. Now it’s like they’re say “oh hell yea these tanks are clearly better and you’re missing out by not buying them”.

To me it looks like the developers have dropped the charade of focusing on improving the game, and are just making it ‘easy’ for the players to dump tons of their actual money into it. Largely by making the game extremely frustrating to people who don’t spend money on it.

Are people not upset by this? Is everyone okay with spending hundreds of dollars to remain competitive in just one poorly balanced game?

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