Your average rant about the state of the game, especially light tanks.

Has anyone else had the problem with absolut fucked MM and especially…not so clever… teammates since Start of the battle pass?

Before the battle pass started, I kinda found back my fun in the game. I had one banger session after another, absolutely carrying some games in my AMX 13 105, had even one day with a 10k rating at 20 games and 70% WR (I know wn8 is better, but I cannot be bothered). Especially for my average 50.6% at 7.5 K games, that felt really good.

But since the battle pass started, I had only bad sessions. Like 30% WR or less. Day after day after day. And I want to get my second MOE on that 13 105, so I spammed some light. And it’s absolutely atrocious.

MM: either, there are 3 or more lights in the game, or non (when I play a round of med for example). Especially in T10, more than two lights are just useless. I do not understand why WG caps the amount.

(light) Teammates: I make it a habit to ping my own target location, the positions I will be spotting on the map. Most often a comment in the chat as well. The right call for another light would be to drive to different position, to get spotting on the whole map. But for some reason, most seem to take it as an Invitation, to drive to the exact same spot, and even FUCKING FOLLOWING me if I change position due to stubborn teammates. And this didn’t happen to me once by someone trying to troll me, it happens multiple times a session. Why do people just do not understand how lights work, if they play them themselves on t10?

Shure, I do some stupid shit now and than as well, but come on…

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