[ZANE] Semi-Competitive clan recruiting!

We are an English speaking clan who only use discord for communication. We’re going to compete in the global map and have a good team already but are looking for even more competent players to add to the table.
Our goal as a clan is to eventually get our players access to the tanks available during clan wars, this includes getting access to chieftain and 907, and others.
The requirements are very lenient;

Minimum of 800 Recent WN8 At least one tier 10 tank,

We do skirmishes throughout the day when there’s a group of us who want to play some, We also do strongholds mainly on the weekend when everyone is available. As well as this a lot of us platoon together already so newcomers are welcome to join in for that, or if your struggling to improve on certain aspects of the game, like positioning and such, more experienced players in the clan are more than willing to voice chat and play with you. Lastly and most importantly, we all strive to enjoy ourselves and have fun playing this game!

If you are interested contact me on discord 😀

Or you can join the discord directly and grab the “I need an invite” role

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